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           City Xipu Si Hardware Machinery Co.,Founded in 1998, the company more than 10 years dedicated to the development and production of CNC milling systems, has been providing OEM production for foreign brands. In the meantime accumulated a lot of skills and experience, and to develop a range of products more suitable for Chinese domestic customers need, the overall technology in the domestic advanced level of similar products, and won a number of national patents.

  To sum up the advantages, the company decided in 2011 to set up in China in the development, production, sales and after-sales service as an integrated high-tech enterprise, and the creation of HIPPSC brand, which the production: "High speed, ultra-precision" product-oriented "professionalism, integrity and service "business philosophy. 

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  • Ask:How to properly use the handle

    Answer:How to properly use the handle Get the right balance design engineers have a thankless job. They spend limitless tolerance and restraint effort to impr...[Detailed]

  • Ask:How to choose the right tool ho

    Answer:Mold machining, surface accuracy is most important to choose an appropriate set of tool holders, for the realization of high-quality surface machining ...[Detailed]

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